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    Graph based on the current record



      Graph based on the current record



      Attached is a screenshot of a sales dashboard that i have.

      The layout is based on salespersonnel having 7 records total representing each sales person.

      I'm wondering if it's possible to plot graphs for each individual showing their sales and margin per month.

      I want one graph for salesperson ddl, one graph for salesperson mgh...and so on.

      Is this easily done or am i going to have to create a relationship for each salesid to get a seperate graph for each person?

      Thank you for the help!


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          To chart data, you need a series of values for the chart. This series can be all in one field or be drawn from the found set. How you do it depends both on the type of chart you want and how your data is structured.

          I only see data for one month in your example. Do you want a bar chart where each sales person has a different bar and you show the margin for a specified month, one sales person with monthly margin values for each month or...?