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Graph Database Assistance

Question asked by Houston on Apr 5, 2010
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Graph Database Assistance


Hello all,

I am fairly new at using FMP and we have upgraded to it and so far I love it.  I have been creating excel data sheets and graphed them.  I have created a huge data base in FM Pro 11 Advanced that consist of Dates, City, State and Products.  My OS is windows XP pro SP3.  Question is?


(1) How do I get FMP to associate certain states with certain regions ex. MS, TN, AR (Southern Region) ect.

and calulate the number of products sold in those states and place them in the appropriate region such as Southern Region catagory for graphing.  I have the US split up into regions East, West, Central, South and International.


I normally have to manually count the various states and products sold in those states and graph the Quarterly difference in excel.  Is there an easier way to accomplish this in FMP now that it has the graphing capabilities and I have all of the data in FMP.  Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated