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    graph of several fields



      graph of several fields


      I have a table called question responses. The record set denotes the responses (as numerical scores) to a number of questions. So record 1 is the response to question 1, record 2 the response to question 2 etc. The fields are the responses from various stakeholders. So the first field is the score from stakeholder 1, the second from stakeholder 2, the third from stakeholder 3.

      I would like to plot a bar chart for the responses to a particular question. So the first bar shows the response from stakeholder 1, the second bar from stakeholder 2, the third bar from stakeholder 3. There are 8 stakeholders in total -so that will be 8 bars. thanks



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          There would be 8 bars from the fields in record 1, 8 more bars from the field in Record 2 and so forth....

          Is this one chart for the entire set of questions or just one chart for each question (record)?

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            thanks. it will be one bar chart for each question. As I scrolled through the records, I would see each question along with the graph for that question.

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              Ok, then the first challenge is to create a data series that works with your particular setup.

              Use the Chart Tool to add a chart object to your layout and select Bar as your chart type.

              For the x-axis, select the specify calculation option and enter this type of calculation:

              List ( "SH 1" ; "SH 2" ; "SH 3" ; ..and so forth ; "SH 8" )

              The text in quotes will be the labels for your bars in the barchart.

              Select Specify Calculation for the Y-Axis and use this calculation:

              List (StakeHolder 1 Field ; StakeHolder 2 Field ; ... and so forth ; StakeHolder 8 Field )

              Put the names of your 8 stakeHolder response fields in place of the text I've used here.

              Select the "current Record, Delimitted Data" option for your report and then specify any additional options for your Chart as fits your needs and preferences.

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                Thanks. I omitted to tell you that the averages were on a related table. In the end I added the bars to the chart as seperate data series. However I was unable to add the column labels as FM put them as "Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 3" rather than on seperate lines. To get around this, I put in a text box to the left of the graph. However, I cant get the text box to line up with the bars - especially in preview mode. any thoughts ?


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                  You didn't tell me that you had any averages at all Wink

                  Is this a horizontal bar chart?

                  Which option are you using of the following:

                  Use data from Current Record, Use Data from Related Table or Use Data from Current Found Set?

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                    oops sorry. It is a bar chart and I am using data from a related table. So the main table stores the question scores, and the related table computes the averages. The layout is based on question scores, with a portal holding the average. The bar chart plots the average score given by the stakeholders.

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                      Does this mean that you selected the "Related table" option for your chart? (It's possible to define fields in your current table that compute or reference the data from the related table and then the original delmitted settings would work.)

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                        yes i used the related table option.

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                          Which won't work with the list of delimitted data that we set up for the bar labels.

                          Describe the relationship between your chart record and the related table of data. We need to either pull the bar labels from a field in the table of related data or we need to reference the related data via fields so that we can use lists for both data series.