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    Graph sizing issue



      Graph sizing issue


           Hi All!

           I have a graph in one of my layouts and i needs to be small.

           When i size it to the correct dimensions it wont show the graph.

           Is there a way to make this work so I can have a graph display in a small area?

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               Current chart objects have a certain amount of "white space" around them for scales, titles, legends etc and the amount of space used for this is not something we developers can control. Thus, there is a minimum possible size for any chart and you appear to be sizing your chart object to be less than that minimum.

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                 i see. in that case is there a way to keep it at the minimal size and then put it in my footer, which is smaller than size of the chart? can i have some of the empty parts of the chart go off the layour and spill into the body?

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                   Hmm, that might work.

                   Why don't you try that and report back to let us know if it works?

                   A layout object that crosses the boundary between footer and body is "owned" by the footer so this might work.

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                     it could work if:

                     1. filemaker will let me have an object fall outside the footer area. right now it says i need to extend my footer to put it there.

                     2. when i extedn the field above the footer into the body it doesnt "own" it. the field disapears or puts itself into each record.

                     any thoughts? do i need to change settings?

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                       If that option doesn't work, then there is no option that I know of that will make this work with a FileMaker Chart object.

                       In a quickie test, If I positioned the chart object inside the footer but allowed the upper "margin" of the chart object to extend into the body, the chart object still correctly displayed data, but the large bottom margin required an unacceptably large footer to make this work.