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Graph/Chart Labels

Question asked by IT_User on Dec 8, 2014
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Graph/Chart Labels


I have been trying to looking all over for an answer to this, and I can't seem to find something that works.

I made two bar charts.  One has SQL statements for data, and it works.  The other chart I manually put in a list of values for X-axis, but the labels are not showing up.  It works if I change it to a pie chart, but anything else it does not show.  I can assign a title and it works, but not the Data Labels.  The Chart is set to Delimited Data.

I have tried formatting the values several different ways:


"FirstText¶" & "SecondText¶" & "ThirdText"

"FirstText" & ¶ & "SecondText" & ¶ & "ThirdText"


I mean it may be the way I have the relationships set up, but I didn't think it would affect this.  There are values that do show up for each label I want.  No more or less than that.


On a different note, the Y labels.  Is there a way to hide one side of the labels on a chart?  They are both on the left and right side.  I just want them to show up on one side.