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Graphic Container Feilds and merging them ...

Question asked by MstrPBK on Sep 9, 2012
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Graphic Container Feilds and merging them ...


     What I am about to ask about is might one or several steps above my skill level, but I'm willing to learn.  IF there is a way I probably need very specific instructions as to how to do it, or a script i can impliment.


Condition: I have 4 feilds that are graghic contaner feilds.  I have over 40,000 records to handle.  I would like to do the following by script or automtically, as I doubt anyone would want to do this manually (smile),



  •           VERSON A: Is there a way to take these elements in their relitive positions and move them to "outside of Filemaker", and then pull them back into filemaker as a single graphic elemtent? 
  •           VERSION B: Might there be a way to merge; or  remerge these images WITH IN Filemaker?



  •           One element is reasier ot handle than four elements
  •           One element takes up less space than four elements


     Peter Kelley

     St. Paul, MN USA