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    Graphic feedback when user has unsaved changes



      Graphic feedback when user has unsaved changes


           I wnat to remind the users that they need to click outside a field to save their changes. Its 5-10 people working, and often going inside each others records. Since two people can't change the same record, even if its not the same field, we have difficulties when the users forget to save/click outside the field/commit their changes.

           So, I had an idea of changing colors as long as the record is unsaved. I found this Get(RecordOpenState) that tells me if the record has unsaved changes. Using that for condifitional formatting didn't work so good, the window needs to be updated in order to change the color. Could be done with script triggers for every field in the layout, but I don't like the solution.

           Has anyone else better ideas?

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               You can have a single OnKeystroke trigger for the whole layout. Just make sure to return True for the actual event to proceed normally. Note that at the moment for the first keystroke the open state is still 0, so you'll have to set it manually.

               This won't work for certain editing actions, like drag and drop, although they're rare.

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                 Hmmm, you could use Install OnTimerScript to perform a script every few minutes. That script could use your get funciton to check the current record's state and update a variable to cause conditional formatting to produce a color or other appearance change. (You could actually cause layout text that reads "Record Not Saved" to appear when the script sets the value of the variable.