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    Graphics in container disappear!



      Graphics in container disappear!




      Strange stuff: the icons that i inserted in a container (right-click, insert) seem to disappear each time that i close FM ... anybody who knows what i'm doing wrong?




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          Not without telling us more about your database.


          Is the file hosted from a server with you as a client?


          Is the container field set to store the image or a reference to the image?

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            Thanks PhilModJunk ...


            1. Yes, i'm working as a client on a server-version

            2. I'm storing the image (not just a reference)


            Does this help?




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              It rules out some issues that occur when the image is stored by reference in a shared database.


              Another possibility: Is the container field a global field?


              If you don't know, open Manage | Database | Fields, find the field's definition and double click it.

              Click on the storage tab and see if the Global Storage check box is selected.


              Global fields will not retain changes to their data when the editing is done by a guest (client) of a shared file. That would explain why they vanish when you close and re-open the file.

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                they are indeed global fields ... mmm, thank you for the fast and accurate response ... what can i do to get them stored permanently in those containers anyhow?


                Thank you!

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                  Basically, you either don't use a global field for this purpose, or you make your changes from the host computer. For more info on how global fields behave over a network, see this knowledge base article: Global Fields: An Overview. (Click the support link above, choose knowledge base and use Global field as the keyword search.)


                  To make a change that persists on the global field of a shared database:


                  Take the file down off the server.

                  Open the file with FMP directly (not with Open Remote).

                  Edit the field(s)

                  Close the file

                  Put it back up on the server.