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    Graphics in IWP



      Graphics in IWP


      I am building a dashboard that will be available to my users via IWP.  I want to use red, yellow and green flags to indicate the status of an order.  I've imported the flag graphics into container fields (not stored as reference) and they look great.  However when I go to the web, the graphic does not display the same.  Is there a way to format graphics so they will display clearly in IWP or is the inability to properly display graphics just another drawback of IWP?



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          I do the same thing and it works great in IWP.  I did have to make sure that I set the field size to match the graphic (or, at least, the x-y ratio was correct).

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            If you make small squares in FMP, three colors and white.
            and make a global container with four repetitions. And copy and paste the small squares into the repetitions.
            and make a number field for flagcalculation
            and make a calculation field with a Case Function for 0, 1, 2, 3 contents in flagcalculation number field with a container result.
            and make an invisible button to increment the flagcalculation by 1 unless it is 3

            You will have a Flag Container field that when clicked on will increment the color code.

            Since it is a square solid color, it scales well and is tiny in size.