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Graphing resuts

Question asked by yomango on May 19, 2015


Graphing resuts


Hello. as always, seeking help. I have a survey with 39 questions answered by "N" number of people. Each question is then graded and  only grades from "1 to 5" are summarized an calculated for each question so they can be graphed.: see attached data screen shot.jpg The first 8 questions (highlighted row) are under "leadership"category, the come other categories. I can get FileMaker to calculate the "No. of 1" all the way to "No. of 5" which come from a column reading "P1", "P2",etc, and I can get the average calculation.

All calculations and raw data are in one table. But I can't figure how to graph the resulting five calculations for each "P" as the attached file shows below the data. The graph report shows the Question ("P") and below the graph. Notice that at the end of each graphed category there's a graph resuming each category (but I do not want to go that far yet), until I figure out how to graph each "P" result. I tried to insert the graph in a sub summary part but can't figure it out. Thank you in advance to those taking the time to read my post.