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Graphs not working in runtime solution

Question asked by AncientMariner on May 18, 2011
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Graphs not working in runtime solution


Howdy all ...

This all in the Mac 10.6.7 world ...

Got a project working 100% on the machine with full FMP11 (advanced) installed.  Note that I also use external functions of my own, written in C++.  Again, all's well, until ...

I create a runtime solution ... which kinda works, except:  The graph doesn't show up (line graph).  Just a blank, as if the framework for that control weren't present or something (target computer is 100% updated exactly as source).

And, it appears ... can't tell exactly, but ... like my personal plug-in functions can't write to files, using standard C stdio.h library routines.  Or, maybe, my plugin didn't get into the bundle?  Hard to debug on target machine!  All this works fine on source machine, with FMP11 fully installed.

Any knowledge on these things?