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    Graphs styling



      Graphs styling


      Hi guys,

      Im using some neat graphs for on our iPhone layout but I can get the styling right.

      I think this should be way easier to change for the user.

      Here is one graph

      1. problem with this one is the un neccesary whitespace circled with the red brush, I'd like to remove them but have no clue on how to do this.

      Here is another graph

      2. problem is the whitespace again plus the following:

      2.1 I'd like to remove the labels for both X and Y axis (percentage & '1')

      2.2 the percentage next to the bar is shown as 0,345. How can I show it as 34,5%?

      2.3 Is it possible to show the labels (Total NOI & Total Annual NOI) inside the bars itself somehow?


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          Others have asked for the ability to remove the "padding" around a chart inside a chart object, but as far as I know, this is not possible with current versions of FileMaker.

          I don't have the time right this instance to check to be sure, but most if not all of your other requests are also not available options for FileMaker charts.


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            Thanks for clarifying Phil.

            Are you 100% positive on this? why would they not implement some techniques to make this possible?

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              I already indicated that I was 100% on the first, but not on the others. As to Why you'd have to ask someone who works for FileMaker inc and that is willing to violate their NDA policy.

              There are plug ins that can offer different charting options and some have charted FileMaker data using java script and a web viewer.