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    Graphs with unknown number of series



      Graphs with unknown number of series


           I want a graph that displays a score for each indiviual, in a way to engage employees. The problem I see is that a graph can only have a set number of series, and the way it is done makes a lot of programming needed every time someone quits or is hired.

           As I understand it, every emplyee needs their own data table instead of merging all stats into one table and just have the employment number. Which means the data mining script that runs every night needs to be changed all the time. This is not a solution that fits the needs.

           In a somewhat easied version, I see a table with three fields, "employee" [number], "date" [auto populated at creation of post] and score [number]. I want x to be date, y to be score, and employees as different lines in the graph over a selectable time period.

           Anyone see another solution I don't?

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               I don't see why you need more than one series for this. Exactly what type of chart did you have in mind? If you make the employee's name or ID the x-axis and their score the y-axis, you can chart varying numbers of employees just by which records you include in your found set.

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                 A normal line chart, each person with their own line. y axis is points, x axis is dates.

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                   I don't think you can get a line chart like that when the number of y-series data sets are not known in advance in Filemaker. You may need to either use a different chart type or use another tool for charting the data.

                   I haven't done this myself, but I've seen web viewers with Java used to chart data in ways not possible to do with a built in FileMaker chart.

                   And you can also export the data to a different tool for purposes of generating the chart--you might then be able to import/insert an image of the resulting chart into a filemaker container field if such be useful to you.