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Grayed Out Subtotal Options

Question asked by LeahRiley on Dec 28, 2012
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Grayed Out Subtotal Options


     My question is regarding calculating a subtotal in a layout that includes fields from two different tables.  

     I have no issues sorting by category and then using the Trailing Subtotals to see the Average, Count, etc of a field within the parent table for that layout.  However, when I then include fields from other tables linked through a database relationship (primary key), the subtotal options are all grayed out.  This is true for data in a different table or in a completely different file.

     I have included a screen shot of the issue.  Note that this is not a problem for any field that is part of the parent table.  I can also go to the parent table of the linked fields and sort and subtotal appropriately.

     Any help would be much appreciated!