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Greater than less than script step

Question asked by jessieleah on Sep 8, 2011
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Greater than less than script step


I created a script.  It bascially looks for a number of days a crew person is in the field doing tillerman tasks.

~If the tillerman has less than 20 days of tillerman work, then the script ends as anything less than 20 days isn't enough experience to pass the test

~Else If the tillerman has greater than or equal to 20, the script triggers an email to the tillerman trainer to test the crew person (there is some conditional formatting, but I got that part to work)

~Else If the tillerman has more than 30 days, the script ends as the crew person should've taken the test before the 30 days is up if they want to advance/increase in pay grade. THIS ISN'T GOING TO WORK BECAUSE THE PREVIOUS STEP.

Problem with my original script is to would conitue to run becasuse I set it up wrong. It bascially said anything greater than or equal to 20 - run the email step.  The script can exit once the crewman gets more than 30 days.

My problem, I don't know how to set calculation for the Else If statement that says if Tillerman days are greater than or equal 20 but less than or equal to 30.

Can anyone help me with this?