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Grid settings don't stick

Question asked by JohnBurwell on Mar 27, 2014
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Grid settings don't stick


     What might keep my grid settings from sticking?

     I find that when I set my Major Grid Spacing and Minor Grid Steps, they only last while I have the file open. If I close and re-open the file, these settings have reverted to their defaults (72 and 8). 

     Puzzlingly, this only seems to affect one of my files. On other files I work in, I set the grid options and they stick around.

     It doesn't seem to matter whether the file is hosted on the server or opened locally, although the file I'm having trouble with is in fact stored on the server. 

     I've looked through the documentation, and I didn't see anything tricky, and I haven't found anything here or at fmforums. 

     What might I be missing?