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    Group Access



      Group Access


      I have a database with 2 groups, 4 passwords, 3 layouts, and many fields.  I have gone through the steps in the book to set up proper access to a group...i.e., clicking on the group, then identifying which layouts and fields this group should be able to access.  I understand the solid dots, the blurred dots, and the open dots.  I then clicked "save."  When I sign in as a user of say Group 2, I can see layouts that I shouldn't be able to see.  I have gone through this process for hours.....any suggestions on how to get the changes to "take" while setting up groups?



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          Welcome to the forum, Apple,


          Can you confirm the version you're using? - sounds like pre-7.


          I had a similar problem years ago, but it was because I hadn't realised that I could only make changes whenever I highlighted the Group.  I found it misleading because I could click on the other columns in the access table and apparently change things, and I seemed to be able to make changes but then they just didn't stick.


          I accept that you say you are 'clicking on the Group', but your problem sounds very similar to the misunderstanding I had.