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Group booking system

Question asked by GerwindeKeijzer on Oct 28, 2013
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Group booking system


     Hello there,

     Not new to FileMaker but just returned to the forum.

     I'm in the process of building a 'program' for maintaining a group-occupation in a childrens day care center.

     So we have:
     - Groups (room where the children will stay)
     - Children
     - Parents
     - Group-leaders (personell)
     - other

     A contract consists of a start-date and an end-date and on which days the child will be present (mon-fri)

     The problem i have is how to create a (long-term) overview of a week which shows me:
     - how many (and/or which) children there are that week (on daily bases)
     -  future occupation
     - etc

     How to build this 'overview' in FileMaker?