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Group everything under one similar value

Question asked by GastonvandeWeijer on Aug 29, 2014
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Group everything under one similar value



     I'm quitte new to FileMaker and I want the following.

     I have a database containing different rows with lines of invoices. It looks like this:

     Invoice 1 | Productline 1 | Productinfo... (qty, cost..)
     Invoice 1 | Productline 2 | Productinfo...

     So if one invoice contains 100 products, it has 100 rows. Don't ask me why, it just is. Now I want to do the following: because 'Invoice 1' is the same everywhere, I want to create a form where you can look for 'Invoice 1', and it makes like a normal invoice, just with the product lines. I want to keep the normal format in the database but I want to be able to look for one general value (Invoice 1) and store there rest of the info in lines under it.

     Is this possible and if yes, how? In Excel I can do this with Pivot tables