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Group Line Items by Month?

Question asked by TimothySlinks on Nov 29, 2011
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Group Line Items by Month?


(Warning! I am using FMP10 without portal filtering!)

I have projects with line items. Each line item has a date and a dollar value. I want to see the top five projects with the most earnings by month, ideally through a portal.

For example, Project X has the following line items:
ItemA 10.22.2011 $500
ItemB 10.23.2011 $250
ItemC 11.22.2011 $425

If I choose "October" in my report layout, the portal displays:
Project X $750

If I choose "November", it displays:
Project X $425

I can set up the relationships and basic calculations, but this seems to require multiple summary fields. Will that work in a portal in a standard layout?

If I were to do this just through a report view, how can I limit the number of projects to the top five, and what calculations and summaries would I need to create?

This seems like a common report. I am just hazy on how summary fields work. Thanks for your help!