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    Group Names in a portal



      Group Names in a portal


      Is there a way to group a names list so one of each name shows in a portal. I am trying to make a reminder list for my consultants which they have numerous reminders so now it show duplicates of the name.

      I then would like to make a reminder button that the consultants name only shows up when reminder are due and then you will be able to click on it and go to the reminder list. 

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          Do you have one table where you have one record for each consultant and another with one record for each reminder?

          If so,  make your portal a portal to consultants and use a portal filter to drop out any consultants that do not have at least one reminder. This filter expression can reference a date field in reminders to filter out reminders that are too old to be relevant.

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            All on one table

            I have the filter expression taking out the  old

            Correspondence 3::Reminder Date<Get(CurrentDate) and not IsEmpty(Correspondence 3::Reminder Date) and IsEmpty(Correspondence 3::Reminder Done)


            the thing is I have many different reminders for different customers with the same consultant.

            I know can use an ExecuteSQL calculation to group it but i won't be make in to individual name buttons (to go to consultant reminder list)

            Attached is what have so far

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              Oh one thing I forgot to mention  the portal is related by global Field Calc. which equal Current date

              Then the relation ship

              is Registration:CurrentDate_g  > Correspondence 3::Reminder Date

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                For reasons more than just this portal, I would create and set up such a table. Seems like you'd need it.

                I would make that field calculation an unstored calculation rather than a global. Every record will show the same date anyway so there's no need to make it global. (Global calc fields have their own rules for how/when they update.)

                But here's a way to filter the portal down to one row for each consultant. It requires that you have a unique ID field defined in your correspondence table that I'll call __pkCorrespondenceID:

                Correspondence 3::consultantID = Correspondence|Sameconsult::ConsultantID AND
                Correspondence 3::cToday > Correspondence|SameConsult::Reminderdate

                cToday is an unstored calculation field: Get ( CurrentDate )
                Correspondence|SameConsult is just the name that I've specified for this new table occurrence.
                Note: I'm copying the same logic you've just posted, but I have to wonder if this should be < instead of > here. But maybe this is supposed to be a portal of past due reminders.

                Your portal filter expression would include this clause:

                ... and Correspondence 3::__pkCorrespondenceID = Correspondence|Sameconsult::__pkCorrespondenceID

                This will filter out all but one correspondence record from the group that now appears in your portal.