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Group select calculation

Question asked by HarryFisher on May 17, 2014
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Group select calculation


     I am new to Filemaker

     I have a database in progress as follows

     the goal is to record chemical spray applications on my farm fields.

     I have a table to farm fields , a table of chemical tank mixes, a products table  and a table of application dates and details.

     I have set up the mix table to give a name (eg BL1) to a mix of multiple products which each have a given rate of application eg 3Lts/Ha.

     On the application table I want to select a farm field (no problem) and a mix (BL1) and enter date of application and Ha sprayed (no problems)

     The problem is when calculating units used of each product how do I get a result for each line of the mix as each has a different application rate.

     What I want is Zinam 0.4 x 3.8=1.52

                            Plenum  0.3 x 3.8= 1.14

                            Bittesaltz 3 x 3.8= 11.4


     but as you see from the screen shots I don't as only first record is correct.


     If you can help thank you