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Grouped Data Report - Does IWP support grouped categories?

Question asked by ddick on Apr 10, 2009
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Grouped Data Report - Does IWP support grouped categories?


I'm fairly new to Filemaker and I'm trying to determine if what I want to do is even possible. I'm using FM Pro Advanced.


I'm settings up a report that has two separate tables, tOrder and tOrderItem. tOrder contains all of the "header" data for a given work order, including the master orderID. OrderItem contains the line items tied to each order (one-to-many relationship) using orderID as the related field.


I've inserted a report layout using the "Grouped Data" option and selected the orderID as the only grouping category to use.When I view this report in FileMaker, it groups everything by the orderID. However, when I view this layout in IWP, it omits the orderID grouped category and shows just the other data in a simple columnar format.


Can I get IWP to show the grouped categories for my report layout?