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    Grouping all deposits by month



      Grouping all deposits by month


      Trying to create a report of all deposits made in a list form.

      I would like to have it display like this:

      4/2/2012    231.00
      4/9/2012    179.00
      5/7/2012    323.00
      5/19/2012  129.00


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          This is called a summary report.

          I'd define a calculation field, cMonth that returns a date like this:

          YourDateField - Day ( YourdateField ) + 1

          This computes a date for the first day of the same month--which gives all records dated with the same month and year the same date.

          Set up a list view layout and you Part Setup... to add a Sub summary layout part. Specify cMonth as the "when sorted by" month.

          Put cMonth in this sub summary layout part and use data formatting to show only the name of the month. (Or the month and year if you prefer).

          Put the date and amount fields you have here into the body of the layout and resize the body to be no taller than a single row of such fields.

          Enter browse mode and sort your records by cMonth and you'll see your records grouped by month.

          PS. If you define summary fields in this table, you can add a monthly total by placing the summary field in the sub summary part and you can put the same field in a footer, header or grand summary part to show a grand total.

          But keep in mind that you must keep your records sorted by cMonth in order for the monthly sub headings to be visible.

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             Perfect!!! Did just as you mentioned...and bingo just what I wanted.  Phil...As always...thanks again!!!!