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    Grouping Assets



      Grouping Assets


      My client has presented me with an interesting question. The project is to build an asset management database for a video production arm of an organization. I can build the asset management database, no problem. The question arises in that they want to be able to group assets together (camera body, lens, tripod, microphone) as single kits that can be checked out through a single asset number. I am open to any suggestions on how would I set that up?

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          Can the members of the group still be checked out individually?

          Assuming that your answer is yes, you can add records to your Assets table that identify a group of assets. This is often called a "kit" and is also called a "package deal" in some invoicing systems.

          The relationship:


          Assets::__pkAssetID = Asset_Group::_fkGroupID
          Assets|GroupMembers::__pkAssetID = Asset_Group::_fkMemberID

          Assets and assets|GroupMembers are the names of two table occurrences based on the same table.

          You can use a portal to Asset_Group on an Assets layout to build a a list of assets as a member of that group. Note that it is possible with this set up to assign the same asset to more than one group though there are ways to prevent that if it is undesirable

          Checking out an Asset to an individual usually means creating a new record with the asset ID and also the ID of the person checking out the Asset. A script trigger can be set up on that layout such that each time you add a new asset to the list, the script checks to see if the selected asset is a group asset. If it is, it uses the list of ID's in Asset Group to add all of the group members to your list of assets checked out to that individual.