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Grouping by Date/Timestamp - Timestamp hinders grouping?

Question asked by fredmckinnon on May 12, 2011
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Grouping by Date/Timestamp - Timestamp hinders grouping?


Hey Gang,

Sorry for all the newbie posts ...
When I setup our files, our "Date" field is setup to be a timestampe (Date/Time) that is automatically entered at creation.  This seemed to be a great idea, so that we could have our data and time entered automatically when creating a new record.

Now, when I try to add a leading or trailing summary on the "Date" field, it isolates every single entry as unique, I presume, becuase of the timestamp.  So, instead of grouping all of the May 1 entries together ... it splits every single entry up ... except those that happen to have an identical, to-the-second timestamp (which of course, is none).

Is there anyway I can fix this, but still have our date/time automatically entered?  I could add a new "timestamp" field that is auto-entered on creation, and change the "Date" field to be a "date" only, but still have it automatically entered, i Suppose?