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    Grouping contacts



      Grouping contacts


      Hi...pretty new to FM Pro. Trying to set up a new contact management system. We need to keep track of which existing contacts have recommended our business to other existing contacts. Kind of like trying to create a system of recording these social relationships between contacts.

      On each contact record (layout), I need to have a drop down menu that selects a relationship with another contact. For eg:

      Contact 1: This contact was recommended to us by Contact 2 and 3. I need to see this result in a table (or other)  on the contact 1 layout record.

      Contact 1: Recommends us to contact 4 and 5. I want to select contact 4 and 5 via a drop down button (on the contact 1 layout record) that lets me select any name in the contact database...and records it in a table.

      Contact 2 and 3: I need to see on each of these two contact records (layout) that contact 1 recommended us - again in a table type format.


      So basically,

      Contact 1 acts like a "group" (I think) to the other contacts that contact 1 recommends

      Contact 1 also acts like a member of other groups - depending if contact 1 was recommended to us by another contact

      How do I form these relationships? At the momnent I have a main table called contacts. I have tried to create a table that holds a group based on a drop down on the contacts layout (portal) Worked ok. But I then need to see on the layout what other "groups" contact 1 is also within (what contacts has recommened contact 1 to us)....all on the same contact layout.

      When I explain it...it seems complex....but I don't think it is really. i just can't get it to work... I think it is just the case of somehow linking contacts to other contact, and showing these links in a table (??) form on the layout page.

      Any help would be hugely appreciated. Smile

      Thanks so much.

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          Sounds to me like the structure you would need is one contacts table.
          Then a Join table to register the links you make between contacts.

          This table needs an ID field set to Auto enter a "Serial Number"
          Then a first contactIdFk number field.
          Then a second contactIdFk number field.

          In your relationship dialogue you make a second table occurrence of your contact table and link it's Id to the second ContactIdFk field in the Join table.
          Link the Id of your original Contact table to the first ContactIdFk.


          In fact I'm bad at explaining, I made you a quick example:


          It's pretty basic but should give you a general idea.

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            Oh wow...thanks so much for taking the time to make that to show me....very kind of you Smile.

            This is exactly what I need. Seeing it like this helps me to understand how relationships work...nice one... 

            The way you have presented the dropdown to make the contact links is perfect...awesome.

            The only other thing I need on the LayContact record for each contact is another table automatically showing who they have been linked too.

            eg: In your example, Sherlock Holmes has a linked contact called John Watson. When I go to the John watson record in Laycontact, I also need to see that they are linked to Sherlock Holmes too - but on another table on this Laycontact page....does that make sense.

            So basically, when I link contact 1 to contact 2, I can see this relationship on, both LayContact records. I presume this would be pulled from the Tbl_Contactsjoined table - and then presented on the LayContact layout....?? Can you help with that?

            Thanks again very much for taking the time to do that for me...much appreciated


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              Do you mean 2 different portals?

              Where you can see in the first portal who this person has been linked to.

              And in the second portal who has been linked to this person? (Its difficult to explain)  :)

              If that's what you mean I'll make a quick adjustment to my example.

              So here's what I came up with.


              I hope that's what you meant.

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                Yes - absolutely PERFECT Smile This is exactly what I was after.

                I really appreciate your generous time in showing me how to do this.... People like you make the world go round! I have learned so much in analysing your demos...!

                Thanks VERY much!