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Grouping contacts

Question asked by MarkG_1 on May 7, 2012
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Grouping contacts


Hi...pretty new to FM Pro. Trying to set up a new contact management system. We need to keep track of which existing contacts have recommended our business to other existing contacts. Kind of like trying to create a system of recording these social relationships between contacts.

On each contact record (layout), I need to have a drop down menu that selects a relationship with another contact. For eg:

Contact 1: This contact was recommended to us by Contact 2 and 3. I need to see this result in a table (or other)  on the contact 1 layout record.

Contact 1: Recommends us to contact 4 and 5. I want to select contact 4 and 5 via a drop down button (on the contact 1 layout record) that lets me select any name in the contact database...and records it in a table.

Contact 2 and 3: I need to see on each of these two contact records (layout) that contact 1 recommended us - again in a table type format.


So basically,

Contact 1 acts like a "group" (I think) to the other contacts that contact 1 recommends

Contact 1 also acts like a member of other groups - depending if contact 1 was recommended to us by another contact

How do I form these relationships? At the momnent I have a main table called contacts. I have tried to create a table that holds a group based on a drop down on the contacts layout (portal) Worked ok. But I then need to see on the layout what other "groups" contact 1 is also within (what contacts has recommened contact 1 to us)....all on the same contact layout.

When I explain seems complex....but I don't think it is really. i just can't get it to work... I think it is just the case of somehow linking contacts to other contact, and showing these links in a table (??) form on the layout page.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Smile

Thanks so much.