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Grouping Duplicate Items in Layout

Question asked by StewIves on Jul 16, 2013
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Grouping Duplicate Items in Layout


     I've started using the Assets starter solution and I have multiple pieces of equipment that are identical by "Item" field but with unique serial numbers and thus seperate assets. I have gotten the count of a distinct Item using a table occurence but on my layout I can't figure out how to group these items as such and be able to drill down to the individual asset as well:

     count    picture    item

       (2)                       Panasonic 8k Projector

                                      asset                            serial number

                                     Panasonic DX800     11122xxx

                                     Panasonic DX800     11122xxx


     Uploaded is what I have so far. Please help me if you know how to create this layout!