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Grouping Features

Question asked by wacole1213 on Sep 24, 2014


Grouping Features



I'm making a map of George Washington's travels between Mount Vernon and Williamsburg during his time as a Burgess [1759-1775].  There are about 30 trips.  I want users to be able to turn trips on and off by clicking on the checkbox in the Table of Contents; one check box for each trip. 

A trip has a point for a each stop, and various polylines to indicate direction of travel on a route.  These are included in a geodatabase called "Burgess".  For each trip I would like for users to be able to turn these on or off with a single click.  Right now I have to click on each of the feature elements to toggle them on/off.

From my untutuored view it looks like a Group Layer might be able to do this, but I may be misreading this entirely. 

If I right-click on Layer in the ToC and select New Group Layer, the spinner does its thing and stops, but as far as I can tell nothing happens.  I'm probably not looking in the right place.  Maybe I'm approaching this in a wrong way.  Maybe I can't do what I want to do.  Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology.

I've attached a screenshot of the ToC for this map [I only have two trips in development at the moment; more to come]. 

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thanks very much, indeed.

Bill Cole, Fredericksburg, VA