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Grouping Multiple Inventory Items as One into a Portal

Question asked by CStovin on Mar 19, 2013
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Grouping Multiple Inventory Items as One into a Portal


     I have created a basic Contact-> Order-> Line Item <-Inventory database but am at a loss how to go about creating the next stage.

     Our company signs out equipment to its employees.  Each Order can be made of multiple individual items from our inventory.  This is basically your typical Invoice solution except we are not selling items, but rather signing them out.

     The trick is how to assign individual Inventory items to a “Kit number & category which then can be pulled up in an Order portal.  Once that Kit number is pulled up in the portal the line items automatically become populated with all the items associated with that specific Kit/category.

     Additionally the Order portal would be able to pull up individual items from the Inventory.

     Items from the established kits could not be rented out individually until that particular item in the Inventory has it’s kit number and category association turned off / deleted.  This is to allow for upgrading equipment or moving equipment around which may have been assigned.

     Any help would be appreciated.