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Grouping Records on a Layout

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Jan 16, 2012
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Grouping Records on a Layout


I am trying to get Filemaker to Group records in a layout.  I first tried this by creating a layout as a report, but the leading grand summary part doesn't seem to be working correctly.  Here is what I am trying to display on my layout.

This is an expansion on the Legislative Tracking application I am working on to track the Utah Legislature.  In this case, I am trying to develop a layout that shows what bills are up for consideration in different committees.  It would be helpful to have all of the committees listed in a single view - e.g. the user doesn't select the committee he wants to see the records for.

I would like to create a layout that groups the records by committee.  So, for example:

House Judiciary Committee

     HB100  Funding Amendments
     HB234  Department Adjustments

House Ethics Committee

    HB020  Legislative Rules
    HB015  Sunset Review

That is the basic way I would like it to layout.  So, basically, it groups the bills by committee.  What are the basics for making this type of record grouping possible?  Thanks so much for any advice.