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    Grouping related records by color



      Grouping related records by color


      Many years ago in a publication called Insider FileMaker Pro dated April 1997, Phil Cauklins explained how you could group related records by color.  Another words you could take a report and sorted it by the days of the week and each day of the week would be in a different color thus making it easier for viewing information.   At that time I was using FileMaker Pro 3.  I've tried using the original information but it doesn't seem to work correctly.  Can anyone tell me if there is an updated version for doing this process?

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          Blast from the past! PhilModJunk = Phil Caulkins. I had a lot of fun editing that journal and wrote most of the articles for one year...

          I don't recall all the details of that article but it sounds like something we still use here where I work. (I often figured out a new trick for a client back then and then got paid twice by writing about it in the journal.)

          That method does indeed still work in FileMaker, It used global container fields and calculations to return differnt colors as I recall, but in Current Filemaker, we have a nicer option: Conditional Formatting.

          You can select the field or fields in your row of records and use a conditional format expression such as:

          DayOfWeek (Yourtable::YourDateField) = 1

          and specify a fill color for the selected fields when the day of the week is Sunday.

          You can create a stack of as many of these conditional formatting expressions as you need colors for days of the week for the same group of fields. No need for container fields and extra calcultion fields returning container as their return types anymore.

          Feel free to give a specific example of your needs, if you need specific expressions for your particular day of the week values.