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Grouping, Summing up

Question asked by Tena10 on Nov 13, 2013
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Grouping, Summing up


     Hi All,


     I just started using FileMaker (working with File Maker Pro 12 Advanced), and I need to create something similar with the example below:

     I have a table (like the one below):

                    Country                     State                     City                     Car                     Bus                     Train
                    USA                     TX                     Houston                     4000000                     2000000                     1500000
                    USA                     TX                     Austin                     3000000                     1300000                     800000
                    USA                     TX                     Dallas                     6000000                     3000000                     1700000
                    USA                     TX                     San Antonio                     3500000                     1900000                     1200000
                    USA                     NY                     New York                     8000000                     4000000                     15000000
                    USA                     NY                     Albany                     900000                     300000                     200000
                    USA                     NY                     Buffalo                     700000                     100000                     80000
                    USA                     NY                     Long Island                     4000000                     1000000                     4000000

     From that table I need to Sum up "Cars" for TX (Houston+Austin, etc), and "Cars" for NY(New York+Albany, etc), to get a summary with the total number for each state like below:

                    Country                     State                     Car
                    USA                     TX                     16500000
                    USA                     NY                     13600000

     Can someone please help - what would be the right approach ?

     Appreciate any help !!