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    Groups layout



      Groups layout



      Yes it is me again:


      I failed to let that layout report to group my records by month and according to the hospital. All what I got was dates by day and hospital was not grupred.

      I am looking for somthing like tat:


      January 2009


          Hospital name 1




           Hospita nam 2





      February 2009

           Hospital name 1




      and so on.

      Is there a way I can do it with my FM 9, mac


      It was very easy with access.


      gives me something like that


      jan 1, 2009 hospita name 1 xx xx


      no grouping.

      Any help. I appreciate that 

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          You will need a subsummary report grouped by a calculation field which will return the same date for each month/year, then you will have another subsummary part further grouped by hospital.


          See here to get you started.


          How to generate report sorted by month

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            Thanks for your response.

            It works but it shows days, it groups it by days like 1/1/09. When I tried to make the date format, I did not see in the pop up menu any format for months or years it format days

            Any tips 

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                 If you have the calculation with date result, you can select the field and go to the Format menu. There you will see the option to change the date formatting.
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                Thanks for keeping up.


                I made a calculation  field (NField) that took me to a pop up menue to choose anything, then I chose my fied Date.

                I made subsummary part and inserted the (NField) in it. I went to Preview lay out and sorted by NField, It came out by days and not by months.

                I went to layout desigh, selected NField, klicked on format, the menue shows only format for days, you cannot choose to have ony months or years,


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                  1. Make a calculation field with Date result ( you called it NField ).

                      Formula would be something like: YourDate - Day ( YourDate ) + 1    where YourDate is the name of your date field.

                      This will result in a generic first day of the month for each date. IOW, 01/22/2010 will result in 1/1/2010 for NField.


                  2. Go into layout mode


                  3. Make the subsummary part grouped by NField. ( dont forget that it has to sort by this field to work properly )


                  4. Put a copy of Nfield in the subsummary part.  Select the field and then go to the Format menu and select "Date"


                  5. Choose "Custom" in the date format options and then Select for the first box the month display.

                       In the box below it choose the year display.

                       Clear the other fields in that section inclusing the comma seperators.


                  6. Go back into browse mode and sort by NField


                  7. Go into preview mode to see it properly as you only have FMP9. ( Subsummar reports can now be viewed in browse mode starting with FMP10 )


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                    Thank you very much

                    It worked

                    I appreciate your help