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Growing and shrinking fields on a layout

Question asked by AlastairMcInnes on Oct 18, 2013
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Growing and shrinking fields on a layout



     I have a layout which will contain a couple of text fields and up to 4 images. There is also a single line of text which must appear at the bottom of the page.

     The text fields will contain various amounts of text from a single line to several paragraphs (though usually very short).

     There may be fewer than 4 images.

     I've tried ordinary fields for the text and for the images with each field set to slide up as required. I've also tried Merge fields for the text with ordinary fields for the images underneath, again set to slide up as required.

     However, it seems that I have to set the text fields (or merge fields) to be as big as they can possibly be in layout mode, which means that the images are on the second page of the layout. Now, in reality there will almost always be room for the text and images on a single page and I don't want there to be lots of blank pages being created which is what seems to be happening now.

     The help files suggest that merge fields will grow or shrink as required but I can't figure out how to allow them to grow - the text is just being cut off at the end of the field as defined on the layout.

     I'm sure I'm doing something wrong - perhaps so wrong that this isn't even a sensible question, but I'd be grateful for any help that could be offered.