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GTRR Based on a Conditonal Vlaue List

Question asked by MartyGlenn on Dec 7, 2013
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GTRR Based on a Conditonal Vlaue List



     I have a problem that I think is simple.  I have created an invoice estimate file for an invoice solution.  There are two drop downs:  The first is based on a simple value list and it is called categories.  The second is a list of related items based on the category field.

     What I am trying to do is create a GTRR from the portal row that will display specific documentation related to the second conditional value list.  Now in my portal I do get, when I click my current button with attached script all records in the found set and when the script is complete and I look at the found set it shows the first record as active view but say for example in this case I selected the second portal row but it does not show that record, blah blah blah...

     It seems no matter what relationship I do, since the second field that you select is based on the conditional value of the first field (Category) that I cannot get the GTRR to see or the relationship to work. Obviously when there is only one record in the portal row it works perfect.

     To help me solve the issue I add the portal row PK field and the second field FK but it doesn't help me understand the proper relationship.


     Another issue is the relationship is based on a concact calc field so I get the warning and I am concerned that that has something to do with the problem but it seems to display the correct data.

     Thank you.