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GTRR goes only to the first related record

Question asked by NaturSalus on Sep 17, 2014
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GTRR goes only to the first related record



My project manages customer complaints.

Each complaint record has different sections and in some of them it is possible to  create one or more Support Item records. So for instance, there are support items in:

  • the complaint description section
  • the complaint reply section


A support item is a container field holding: an image, a document, or a pdf file.

All the support items are kept as records in the SupportItem table.


Support item records are created through scripting from the Complaint_Detail layout based on the Complaint TO.

Every time that a new support item record is created a relationship is established between three records:

  • the current Complaint record,
  • a related Complaint|SupportItem record
  • a related SupportItem record


I have double checked that both records and relationships are correctly established.

As mentioned before, a new Support Item record can be created from different sections of the current Complaint record. To distinguish from a support item created at the complaint description section from another created at the complaint reply section, the ItemLocation field is created and kept in the corresponding Complaint|SupportItem record.

I can visualize the SupportItem records created in the Description and Reply sections of the current Complaint record  through portals to the Complaint|SupportItem TO filtered by the ItemLocation field (Complaint Description or Complaint reply).


My problemis that when I try to go from the current Complaint record to its related SupportItem I can only get the first SupportItem that was created, no matter:

  • from which  Complaint section (description or reply) it was created.
  • what is the related SupportItem record I want to go to. For example, I want to go to the the third created SupportItem record that is related to the current Complaint record.


I don't get any error message either when setting the GTRR or when getting the result (suppot item record related to the current complaint record).

GTRR settings are shown on attached image.













Compaint TO --< Complaint|SupportItem TO >-- SupportItemForComplaint TO

Note: I must say that the SupportItem table is also related to other tables but in each case a different TO is used, for example: Deviation TO --< Deviation|SupportItem TO >-- SupportItemForDeviation TO

Although I don't think that this has any effect on the issue reported here



  • records are correctly created
  • record relationships are established as expected
  • no error messages when setting up the GTRR script
  • GTRR only returns the first SupportItem record created, no matter where it was created or what related record you are looking for


my error must be conceptual, but I can't figure it out.