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    GTRR How it works



      GTRR How it works


           I have tables PayrollBatch and PayrollCheck.  They are related through the PayEndingDate field.  

           I have three records in PayrollBatch and four records in PayrollCheck.  
              I have GTRR set to go to ALL RELATED RECORDS.  

           What I am getting is that all PayrollCheck records are in the found set.  But when I select GTRR I go to the right record in PayrollCheck.  But they are all there.  Should it be a found set of JUST THOSE RECORDS or do I need to script the find to the related records so only those meeting the primary-key (PayEndingDate)?

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               Go to Related Record (GTRR) has options, near the bottom. If you don't click "[x] Show all related records" then it will just go to (end up on) whatever record of the table (table occurrence) which matches the relationship (it will show all all records {I think} if it is not in its existing found set). 

               If you choose "[x] Show all related records", and choose "Match current record only" (the default), then it will limit the resulting found set to ONLY those which match the current record you started from (of Portal you were in, if you were in one*). This is likely what you want.

               If you choose "Match all records in current found set", then it will look at the relational match of each record of the found set (of where you started from). This can be useful, but not very often. 

               *If you put the same GTRR which was in the Portal outside of the portal (i.e., loose in the current record), then it will go to all records matching the portal's table occurrence; as you are matching the portal itself, not just one of its rows {records} ).

               Hopefully this makes sense (as I cannot read very well :-).

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                 I appreciate that great explanation.  Mostly I confused myself on this.

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                   You may find this link of interest for learning more about GTRR.The Complete Go To Related Record