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GTRR navigation by calculation

Question asked by doct on Jul 20, 2015
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GTRR navigation by calculation


Using button bar as navigation bar to cover multiple tables/layouts, trying to figure out a script that can be used in all buttons to GTRR using variables, i.e,. using button name as script parameter to GTRR (button name "records" goes to table/layout 'records', button name "contacts" goes to table/layout 'contacts').  If within same table, 'go to layout' is adequate, but if on different but related table, the script step wants a table name ("Get related record from:") and it doesn't seem to like a variable there.  

Is there a function or a way to 'get(buttonName)'? -- to put in as a script parameter, get (ActiveLayoutObjectName) doesn't seem to work(?)

Is there a way to GTRR using strictly variables as parameters rather than specifically putting in table name, etc?