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GTRR Not working !!??

Question asked by AppGuy on Aug 14, 2014
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GTRR Not working !!??


     OK folks... I need to know if I am just going crazy or what..

     On the second part of my script in the attachment I have a GTRR step.  This does not work occasionally and wanted to know if anyone else if experiencing this??

     This 1st GTRR works fine... I go to all the related records..  Loop through those...

     Then want to go back to the parent related record to mark it...  but no go!!

     I am using UUID for PK's.. I have compared ID's and they match..

     Relationship is good...   Timecards::_pk_ID --> EmployeeTime::_fk_TimeCards

     The weird thing is sometimes it works, other times NOT...  I can't seem to find anything wrong..???

     I even ran the script with admin privileges.. Nada..

     Everything is on the latest version.. 13 across the board and completely updated...

     Is this an undocumented feature??  LOL :)