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    GTRR: Same Table, Different File



      GTRR: Same Table, Different File



           I have two databases that I am trying to combine.  They both deal with having a set of contacts.  Instead of having two files with two sets of contacts, I just used the one table in the one file and replaced that in the other file.

           Now, say I have a found set in FileA Contacts.  I want the same found set in FileB Contacts (same contacts).  Is there a way to do this with a GoToRelatedRecord step or do I have to get the list of Contact IDs while I am in FileA, then go to FileB and perform a Find in Contacts there?

           I'm looking at examples from other files and that seems to be what those files are doing (Gathering IDs and performing a find).

           [I know that if I wanted to go to a different table in the other file I can do that (and choose a layout), but a self join to the same table but a different file doesn't seem to work.]

           Thanks in advance!

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               Yes, you can GTRR as long as you have the relationship setup in FileA correctly.  

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                 So if I go into GTRR and I select the self join TO, then I choose a layout, it only shows layouts in FileA, and doesn't show any layouts in FileB (even though I want the same table).


                 Hmmm, I wonder if I open FileB and then calculate the layout name, then it might work.

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                   Did you select the "use external table's layouts" option?

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                     It's greyed out since I'm not choosing an external table.  I'm choosing an internal table, but want an external file.

                     I did add the TO to the external file, but can't access that from GTRR unless I am already in that file.

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                       IF you have a TO to a table in the external file, then you can refer to it in the GTRR and use this option.

                       But I think I see the problem. This isn't an external table, it's a local table in this file and an external table in the other. And you want to replicate the found set of your current file's TO in the external file's layout(s).

                       That it?

                       That would explain the need to build a list of ID's to use to pull up the correct records in the other file.

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                         Yes, that would be the case. (Except that only dealing with 1 table, because I'm using the same table in both files.  The table just happens to be local and not external.)

                         I suppose it's not a huge deal since I will be dealing with < 500 contacts, but I thought I would ask.

                         Thank you

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                           There are several options worth evaluating:

                           You can use copy/paste to reproduce the layout(s) in the second file in your first file: Importing Layouts

                           If you are performing a find to pull up the contacts in file 1, you may be able to perform a script in file 2 where you pass the same search criteria in a script parameter to a script for finding these records on the File 2 layout. That might be faster/simpler than building a list of ID's for the same purpose.

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                             This is good to know for future reference.  Thank you very much

                             I just realized, however, that the (sub)script in the external file needs the list of Contact ID's anyways, so I'm just going to pass that list as a parameter (and skip the part of needing a found set). *sigh*

                             I do like the passing the search criteria thing, though. : )