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GTRR: Same Table, Different File

Question asked by IT_User on Dec 6, 2013
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GTRR: Same Table, Different File



     I have two databases that I am trying to combine.  They both deal with having a set of contacts.  Instead of having two files with two sets of contacts, I just used the one table in the one file and replaced that in the other file.

     Now, say I have a found set in FileA Contacts.  I want the same found set in FileB Contacts (same contacts).  Is there a way to do this with a GoToRelatedRecord step or do I have to get the list of Contact IDs while I am in FileA, then go to FileB and perform a Find in Contacts there?

     I'm looking at examples from other files and that seems to be what those files are doing (Gathering IDs and performing a find).

     [I know that if I wanted to go to a different table in the other file I can do that (and choose a layout), but a self join to the same table but a different file doesn't seem to work.]

     Thanks in advance!