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    GUI Layout Issue - Adding a Static Sidebar



      GUI Layout Issue - Adding a Static Sidebar


      I am currently trying to add a static sidebar to my layout within FileMaker. I am new to FileMaker, so the layout terminology doesn't quite click with me. My GUI will basically have a header, sidebar with categories for quick find, and an active inventory (records from an INVENTORY table) to scroll through. An Add to Cart button will be available next to the active Inventory to add to an invoice and process. I have attached a Photoshopped image of what I would like my layout WITHIN FileMaker to look like. Can anybody give me some advice, steer me in the right direction as to what to do or perhaps a tutorial or book that could help me out. Thanks! 


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          The only way to do this with a FileMaker layout as far as I know is to use a portal to display your scrolling list of records. This allows you to set up a form view layout where you can put buttons and other layout objects along side your list of records to function as your "static side bar".

          the layout terminology doesn't quite click with me.

          Portal: Look this one up in FileMaker help. It's a "window" or sub layout that displays data from a multiple related records in another table.

          Form View. Pull down the View menu while in browse mode and you'll see that you have three basic ways you can choose to view data with your current layout. View as Form--you see just one record at a time. This is the option you'll need for your layout. View as List--you see multiple records at one time, a layout can be designed so that List View shows the list you see above, but you can't get that 'static side bar'. View as Table--similar to view as list, but ignores the arrangement of fields in the body of your layout and you can use the modify button to add/remove fields from your view. Columns of data can be resized while you are in browse mode and you can sort the records by clicking a column header. This view often gives regular uses too many view options and they have trouble with it--but it's very useful to developers for analyzing the data currently present in the database when troubleshooting an issue.