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guidance needed on best layout /relationship approach for setting up invoicing of jobs

Question asked by grzlyhippo on Nov 15, 2011
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guidance needed on best layout /relationship approach for setting up invoicing of jobs


Hi i have a database which works with projects and billing of time, services and printwork. Presently I search the billing layout by date range (per month) making necessary changes before this needs to be invoiced e.g. (mark up, Vat included, admin costs). On the  Billing Layout is a category of Time sheets, bought in Services, Printwork-to organise the costings. Details of Time billing, printwork and services are stored in a seperate table (as line items) by inputing details via a portal on the job sheets. 

Jobs are not necessarily completed before invoiced, clients are billed for the work done for that month. Clients are billed for many jobs to one client, and they receive one invoice.

I have looked at various solutions which suggest using a portal but many of the ones visited use a look up method of influencing what results on the invoice. Unfortunately this is unrealistic as an invoice can have between 50-100 seperate jobs, some of which may or may not include services, printwork.

This is my main dilemma, which layout would be best to access the information which has been  "worked" on a different layout.

I also need to find a way of searching the information on billing layout and combining the time and services copying the details into an invoice layout and then including printwork for that month in the same invoice but seperated from the other two in the layout even if they involved in the same job no. 

I'm going round and round in circles and would appreciate some thoughts on the best approach/ or options available to me.