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guidance needed please...

Question asked by LightningAd on Jan 5, 2009
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guidance needed please...


I have been reading books and watching hours of tutorials on Lynda, but i am still very unsure of how to design my database to do some rather specific things.


The intention is that the database will catalogue all our tv commercials, and will also provide a way of keeping tv stations updated with transmission instructions (via email).

All that is someway off in the future - i still need to make the database!!


Because each finished commercial we make has several versions, each with a different store tag (eg "Available at Toys R Us") They all have a unique clock number. ( I have already had some excellent and very helpful guidance from the forum regarding those).


I want to figure out a way to input data for new commercials with as much auto entry as possible. The idea being you enter the product, campaign name, actors, music data etc, once and then use a check box so you can select which store tags are being used. Upon commiting, the records are created with the unique clock number for each version.


I feel like this should be relatively simple, but i cannot seem to get my head around a solution!  Please can someone point me in the right direction?

I'm using FMP 8.1