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Guidance requested for a song book/directory

Question asked by Corné on Nov 22, 2010
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Guidance requested for a song book/directory


Hello all,

As a database (and thus FileMaker) newbie, I request your help with this. Let me explain my situation:

I play the guitar in a few bands. I have an Excel sheet with notes for all songs that I play in these bands. I use checkmarks in columns to check what song I play for what band. There are songs that are performed by two (or more) bands as well. I use the 'auto filter' function in Excel to select all songs that I need for a particular band. Now I would like to transport this sheet to FileMaker Pro; an iPad version would be great! Can you please help me in the right direction how to do this? I have the following picture in mind:

- I have one song with chords / notes on one page.

- With a dropdown box I can select the band I'm performing with at that time.

- In a left column I have a list overview of all songs that is played by that band. When I select a song from that list, the chords / notes of that song are displayed.

1. Should I use one checkbox per field (1 per band) to assign the songs to the band, or should I use 1 field with multiple checkboxes?

2. Ehm, in general, what would be the approach of your choice how to make this project?

Any help is greatly appreaciated. Thanks in advance!

All the best,