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           I was moving things around on the new Version 12 Advanced FMPro and lost one of the pink guides.  On the old version, I could Command T and get it back in the middle of the page I was looking at.  Now, the guides stay lost.  How do I get it back?


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               Guides have replaced the T-Square tool found in FileMaker Pro 11.  Guides provide a more flexible way to support alignment of objects within and across layouts.

               A guide can be either horizontal or vertical in orientation.  To create a vertical guide, click in the vertical ruler and drag onto the design surface.  To create a horizontal guide, click in the horizontal ruler and drag onto the design surface.  To delete a guide, click and drag it back to its corresponding ruler OR right-click on the guide and choose REMOVE GUIDE.  To move a guide that has not been locked, simply click on it and drag it

               There is no limit to the number of horizontal or vertical guides that can be displayed on a layout.

               A new context menu appears if you right-click on a guide with the following options:


                    SHARE GUIDE WITH ALL LAYOUTS:  A guide can either be local or global.  A local guide is only available on the current layout.  If a guide is set to be a global guide then it is available to all layouts.  The default setting for new guides is for them to be local.  Both local and global guides are persistent in the database across all sessions (similar in behavior to T-Squares)

                    LOCK GUIDE:  This controls whether a guide can be moved or not.  All guides are unlocked when they are first created.

                    REMOVE GUIDE:  This is an alternative way to delete a guide (previous mentioned)

               The action of snapping on layout part lines is controlled by the availability of Guides.  This happens when both "Show Guides" and "Snap To Guides" are checked.

               During file conversion, T-Square settings stored in a pre-FileMaker Pro 12 database are transformed into corresponding global guides.

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                 Guides.  I was referring to the pink, as you call them, T-squares.  One went away and I couldn't get it back. I created a blue one by dragging from the ruler but I never did find the pink one.  I wish they would reappear in the middle of the page when I close them and then reopen them.  

                 As for the dynamic guides, they are OK.  They eat up a lot of processor and slow down actual movement.  Plus, even with the snap off, they don't move as smoothly as they should.  

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                   I'm experiencing the same problem in FMPA, v12.02, Mac: the vertical pink guide has disappeared but the horizontal one is still visible under Guides > Show Guides. What might might have led to the vertical one disappearing is that I had dragged it to either the far left or right side of the screen (I can't remember which way), then *poof!*

                   As an experiment, I just did the same thing with the horizontal guide: I clicked-then-dragged it to the top of the screen and *poof!*, it's gone, too! I tried turning Guides on and off, grid on and off...anything I could think of but now both are gone. Nuts!

                   I'll file a bug report if I don't receive a response by Wednesday.

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                     Do the reverse and you should get the guide back. Drag from the ruler on the edge of your layout to the layout proper and you should get your guide back. You can, in fact, drag to produce additional guides rather than be stuck with the two--one vertical, one horizontal that you got with the T-Square of earlier versions.

                     The one thing that my tests show as that the new guides are blue, you don't seem to be able to get back one in the original pink color.

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                       Thanks, Phil. Turning Rulers on, first, was the key.

                       No pink guides? So much for FileMaker observing Breast Cancer Awareness month.  :)

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                         My pink guides came back by themselves.  

                         Version 12 is really a lot less freindly.  If they wanted to add more guides, just dd the guides.

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                           I did it again and now I can't figure out how the pink guide came back.  I've tried everything.