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Guides keep comming back after deleting them.

Question asked by HenryRobinson on Jan 27, 2015
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Guides keep comming back after deleting them.


I have in the past made many guides on my layouts for position layout items. Some of the guides were locked, shared, or both. I have also duplicated many layouts that had shared guides. Now that my database is progressing I am finding I no longer need the guides but when I try and delete them they keep coming back.
I go to a layout that I no longer want the guides. I enter edit layout, delete guides, save and exit layout. If I immediately reenter the layout the guides are still gone but if I close the database and then start over all the guides return. All the guides that return are shared guides.
My first though was that because the guides are shared that they must be being replaced from the other layouts I have not deleted the guides from. So what I tried next was without closing the database I went to each layout and deleted all the guides….. (that took a minute) Sadly this did not work, upon reopening the database the guides returned.

Anyone able to help with this problem?