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Gym Database

Question asked by Eleganza on Oct 30, 2009


Gym Database


HI there everyone, my name is John. And i am in urgent need of a assisten for a proyect that ive been assigned to. I need to delevop a database in filemaker pro 10 of course, for a gym ,to keep track of its members info, you know the general stuff, not much, home address, cell phone tel phone, email, male, female, picture of the client/member, etc etc.


Up until now, ive managed to do a pretty simple and good job, nothing fancy, but if possible, please urgent,i would like somebody to help me with the time period of pay and membership expirey. Small example, lets say i have a field in wich when i click on it i cant edit/input the current date(day-month-year), and in a second field below, when i click on it, i have to get an option from which i can let calculate when the membership fee expires, which my client asked me to be a standaard of 30 days, 1 month. I do not have the enough knowladge to complete this, i've searched for codes, way's to copy and paste and learn from scratch, but i just dont get it. 


I could really use some help,a.s.a.p. Thnx allot John.