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    Hand Cursor on Popover Button



      Hand Cursor on Popover Button


           How does one have the cursor change to the Hand when hovering over a popover button???

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          Would also like to know the answer to this one... 

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            I think this is either an oversight or a bad decision. For desktop or browser (I get that it doesn't apply to iOS), users have learned that a hover state reinforces the ability to click on the object to take action.  When some "buttons" (even a text object has a hover state) don't have the option to "change cursor to hand over button", it's inconsistent and a bit frustrating.


            We have had to go to lengths to achieve this behavior by using a normal button that simple goes to an object that is or is on the popover.


            Sure would be nice to add the ability to do this.  Did I mention Tabs??? Same issue.

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              Simply don't use it:


              Do those steps:

              Create your popover button. Hide it (put 1 in the "Hide Object When" in the Inspector)

              Double click on the popover button in layout mode, click on the popover window and give your popover window a name in the Inspector (exp, "Test" )

              Use a normal button that does the following: Go to Object "Test" (don't even need to create a script for this).

              Here you can choose to show you hand or not.


              Hope this helps

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                I really appreciate the suggestion.  This is EXACTLY what I do (complete with a dedicated modular script where I pass other parameters including which field to focus, etc.)


                I should have mentioned it, but I'm glad to know others use the technique.


                Thanks again.