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    Hand cursor on popover button



      Hand cursor on popover button


      Is there a way to make the cursor change to a hand when over a popover button like you can for a regular button?



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          Yes - place a button on top of the popover button that opens the popover behind it.

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            It would be nice if Popover Buttons had the ability to change the cursor icon to a hand without the need of an extra step.

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              I usually disable the hand cursor option as there are other ways to show that the object over which the cursor hovers is a button. The hover state in the appearance tab of the inspector can change the appearance of the button. Make this a consistent layout design choice and you have an alternative to the "hand" cursor which works for all types of buttons.


              Typically this produces a change in fill color/gradient, but it can change text color and text styles if you want that option. In FileMaker 13, I sometimes "get cute" and specify two different png images for the button. (This is before the nice svg icons we can use in 14 and newer.) An image for a button might look like a mail box. Hover over it and the image changes to show the flag up and the mail box door open. There are times that I wish for a similar capability in the new icon system....

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                I've taken to making slight changes to the padding for the hover state so the icon or text jumps up a little when the cursor moves over the button.  It gives a nice feel to the user to feedback that something is clickable without being visual dramatic.

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